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is having a makeover!

Noble leverages security, technology and industry experience from world leading organisations and deep learning specialists. We have research hubs in the UK, Germany and Austria dedicated to building the next generation of cyber


Noble  has your future in mind. We have acknowledged the anticipated growth in data, entities and interactions from emerging developments in fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things in our architecture.



Our Key Features

Central to Noble 's  vision is  our product - Forest Tree . We developed this software to perform the highest levels of atypical data inspection and visualisation - in near real time. Forest Tree delivers actionable intelligence to protect your company's reputation across the widest range of security, risk, operational, performance and compliance functions within both the public and private sectors. Our solutions are built to support various industries and can be tailored to fit specific needs of any organisation.  

Intuitive User Interface


Our solutions help you save time, not waste it trying to understand a complex product. This feature makes us unique asa solution.

Watch our demo video to see why we provide the most effective anomaly detection solution for your business.

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Anomaly Detection

The design of the Anomaly Detection Portal provides the capability to deliver clear, contextual and investigative intelligence in visualisations that increase the productivity of the specialist.

Deep Learning Solutions

Deep learning algorithms learn complex patterns of normal activity on the network and use them to analyse new activity in order to identify anomalous events.


Intuitive User Interface

Our solution helps save time by allowing users to interact with the  information rapidly and intuitively, reaching conclusions faster while accelerating threat detection. 

News & Events

Berry Technologies has a makeover!

A new name with a greater vision, Noble official brand launch will happen in May 2019. Read more about it on our announcement page!

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