Goodbye Berry Technologies,

Hello Noble!

We’d like to announce a pivotal moment in our company history: the merging of Berry Technologies and Desoma into Noble.
Under Noble, we’ll combine our extensive industry knowledge, consulting experience, and innovative technologies to help free society of the burden of cyber crime. 
Our priority has always been and will continue to be empowering our customers to safeguard their business IT infrastructure, employees, finances and reputations. 

Why 'Noble'

In an industry where company names can be more ominous, obscure and technical than assuring, we believe it’s crucial to have a name that actually means something and directly reflects our core vision, purpose, philosophy and values.  
Noble’s values are based on trust, passion, integrity, teamwork, progress and respect. We are fortunate to have a diverse, experienced and talented team that collaborates effectively and works united across the world. We are confident the Noble brand name communicates this.  

Next Steps

For starters, our communication channels will change, all our email addresses will change to These will be connected to existing emails. Our new brand is still under construction so please bear with us as we launch. 


Below are a few FAQs that could be useful for your knowledge!


Will there be a new brand launch?


Yes, the brand is under development and will be fully launched by May 2019.

How is our product offering changing?

The product will not be affected by the rebrand. It will enhance the product's reach, expertise and resources.

What happens to your data?

The merger has no impact on your data. Our privacy policy and Ts&Cs are not affected as a result of the merger.

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