What is Forest Tree 

The Forest Tree solution is a  combination of the Core Processing Engine and the Anomaly Detection Portal with the help of Advanced Anomaly Analysis and Operational Excellence, which displays complex organisational data in a simple manner. 


Forest Tree delivers ‘Actionable Intelligence’, driven by predefined filters developed in-house to neutralise data and operational anomalies, mitigating any intentional harm. Equally important is its elimination of secondary anomalies not originally predicted or planned by the adversary.


These anomalies might have been introduced through negligence, harmful intent or as a means of unlawfully performing actions against individuals and valued assets.

Advanced Features

  High Scalability

  • Visualisation of millions of datapoints

  • ISP level traffic ingestion

  • Near real-time data extraction

  • Big data technology

  Anomaly Detection

  • Deep learning anomaly detection 

  • Multidimensional information analysis at every point

  • Real time expectations evaluation

  Simplified Interactions

  • Intuitive visualisations

  • Interactive graphics

  • Optimised visual style

  • Information drill-down 

  Device Profiling

  • Detection of devices

  • Automatic inventory

  • Network activity profiling

  • Geolocation  of activities

  Easy Integration

  • Data export API

  • External actions on third parties

  • Application and traffic-based triggers

  • Third party data importing

  Complete Visibility

  • Forensics analysis

  • Collaborative environment

  • Evidence collection

  • Complete action tracking

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